Holiday home Villa Belle' Oprtalj, Istria

Magic Oprtalj – a small Istrian town, close to the soul’s emotions, ready to take you back to some olden times, awaken your imagination and rekindle your heart...

Oprtalj. Simply royally beautiful!

Luxuriously green area, rich in natural and cultural heritage, a small green heaven on earth, where cleanliness, the sounds of nature and the beauty of peace rule, together with a simple human way of living.
Ideal to listen to the silence and to slow down time, to bring your body and mind in harmony with the untouched nature...
Such an opportunity represents a remedy for a tired human soul, a medicine so rare and efficient, yet at arm's length..
So, come, take a break and relax...

Welcome to Oprtalj!

Oprtalj is a small picturesque town in north-west Istria. It nestles on a flat hilltop above the Mirna river, opposite Motovun. From here, you can see the whole of Istria, from the Učka mountain to Trieste and its western coastline. It is adorned by its mild Mediterranean climate, sunny hill slopes and enchanting greenery.

Here, with special inspiration, nature has written the choreography for one of the most playful chapters of the Istrian landscape, which, at each step, exhales special charm and beauty of living. This tiny place, made to suit any ordinary man, with a single stone palace and a church with a bell tower, around which circle lines of quiet stone alleys, with its full-blooded belonging to the Mediterranean, has been holding its head high since ancient times. It was mentioned as far back as in 1102 as an urban dwelling of feudal gentlemen and craftsmen...

Primeval harmony of Istrian diversities, a perfect blend of the spirit of the past and the modern era.


You are lovers of holidays in harmony with nature, you are dreaming of a holiday away from the city hustle and bustle, in an idyllic little place surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, instead of theme parks, shopping malls or other benefits of the civilisation of urban centres, although you are a mere 15 minute-drive away from all that?

You have always dreamt about a holiday during which you can stroll barefoot around the place, say hello to the locals and from them buy fruit and vegetables which they have grown in their gardens? Maybe you can pick your own? You'd like to take a walk around olive groves and vineyards from which that delicious, fragrant oil comes, in which you dip a homemade bread crust and the noble wines with which you crown your meals?

Welcome to Oprtalj!


Oprtalj is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the tranquillity far away from the city and the noise, in the clean air and with healthy food. The mild climate is suitable for year-round stays.

Take a walk and you will discover unreal landscapes, forests, crags, caves, streams, old houses, mills, houses in isolated spots...

Take a walk to Momjan, where you will enjoy the Momjan Empire Muscat, to only 10-minute away small romantic art towns of Grožnjan and the magic film festival Motovun, all across the heart of Istia - Pazin and its Jules Verne cave, to the unique mosaics of the Euphrasiana in Poreč and all the way to the Istrian Little Venice – Rovinj and the Arena – the magnificent Pula Roman amphitheatre...

Oprtalj is a story in itself, original and unique. You must experience Oprtalj!


Meet your hosts, who will open the door of their caringly arranged homes and gladly take you to the hearth, where you will discover and taste all the charm of the local aromas and the beauty of a traditional Istrian home. They will tell you about the beauty and their immense love for this area and Istrian folk. They will tell you that hurry doesn't dwell here.

They will proudly point out that here the door is wide open for all those who, throughout the year, run after business, live in the fast and stressful lane and wish to charge their batteries in the idleness of a homely atmosphere, at ease and without stress.

So, do come, take a breath and relax! Here, you can live a simple and relaxed life, moving with the daily rhythm of the seasons...

Before you are relaxing hours of peace and joy at the springs of friendship.

Welcome to Oprtalj!

Visit Oprtalj and its surrounding areas

The Loggia
Opposite the Oprtalj town gates, there is a loggia, built in the 16th century. It went through some alterations in the 17th century and was used as a court house until the fall of the Venetian Republic. During 2006, it was refurbished once again, when the lapidarium was supplemented by the Roman, Medieval and later fragments, as well as by the relief of the lion of St. Mark.

The Parish Church of St. George
Constructed in 1526 in the location of an earlier, much smaller, church, in the very centre of the town. A presbytery with a polygonal ending was added in the 15th century. In the 17th century, the church was extended with a newly-shaped stone frontage. The church contains valuable altars and paintings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The construction of the 27 metre-high bell tower lasted between the 16th century and 1740.

Alpe Adria Oberkrainer Fest
In Oprtalj, a festival which hosts folklore orchestras from Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia is held every year. At the same time, the Black Summer Truffle Festival is held, where, apart from truffles, producers with characteristic produce of this area, such as wine, olive oil, honey, etc. are also presented.

Chestnut Festival
In October, the Chesnut Festival is held, the only and first of that kind in Istria. This event gives an opportunity to visitors to spend an autumn afternoon at 378 metre-altitude. Among the delicacies on offer, there aren't only roasted chestnuts, but also different dishes made with this delicious autumn fruit, even the homemade chestnut honey. You can also taste some local winemakers' young wines.

Antiquity Fair
The Antiquity fair is an event which is held on the second Sunday of every month. Antiquity and artwork exhibitors, collectors and tradesmen from all over Croatia and from abroad take part in this fair. The antiquities are exhibited in the old town Loggia, in the streets and in small salesrooms on the ground floor of Oprtalj buildings.

In the vicinity, there is also a modern spa St. Stephen – Istarske Toplice, whose sulphur water, thermal and mud baths are used for treatments of rheumatic conditions, neuralgias and endocrine system. The healing water springs from under a vertical mammoth cliff (86 m) in the picturesque Mirna river canyon.



Do you remember the relish of good old local tastes and, nowadays, slightly forgotten customs when, instead of multicoloured ice cream cups and scrumptious cakes with a glass of brandy, ordinary home grown figs, slices of melon or shelled almonds were brought to the wooden table after lunch?

Discover all the magic of the tastes and aromas of this wonderful land, discover the charm of small Istrian taverns – konobas, where you will make yourselves comfortable at the table under a rose pergola or right by the hearth and taste all the allurement of the local tastes and the beauty of the traditional Istrian home. The ancestral tradition of preparation of typical dishes from the fruits which this land offers has been preserved until today.


The nearby Motovun forest hides an empire of Istrian truffles. Magic and mystical, a gastronomical peak, a gourmet jewel worth gold. By far the most famous culinary ace which will leave hardly anyone indifferent. Truffles are characterised by aromatic, complex and earthy aromas and even aphrodisiac properties are attributed to it. Seductive gastronomic secrets are waiting for you...


The Istrian wine is the poetry of taste and fragrance; it is an inseparable part of the Istrian man, his passion and love, his deepest intimacy and open pride, a luxurious gift of the stony land and abundant sun. Istrian wine is a kind of institution and the wine cellars, cult places.